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Snow Day Home Improvement Projects

Stuck at home amid the slippery, icy streets? Make the most of the cold day off by powering through some easy-to-execute home improvement projects. A little elbow grease today will get sellers’ home staging efforts underway and jump start spring cleaning for the rest of us. Wipe down baseboards When was the last time you […]

Cool Weather Curb Appeal

The crisp fall weather has finally arrived in the Triangle. This long-awaited break from the hot summer heat and humidity is marked by pumpkin spice flavored goodies, college football, and brilliantly colored foliage that will soon fall to the ground and hinder your curb appeal. Yes, sellers, you can make a great first impression no […]

Will your home save you money this summer?

Are you heading into the hot summer months with a home smart enough to save you money? The summer months mark the nation’s peak energy use. Americans spend $22 billion a year on A/C alone. When the temperatures (and your energy bill) start to climb, a smart home offers several innovative ways to save. Turns […]

Easy Weekend Home Projects

Home improvement projects don’t have to be extensive or expensive. There are many home enhancements you can easily start and finish over the weekend that will add aesthetic appeal and value to your home. Whether you want to stay inside in the A/C or feel like venturing out into the sunshine, we’ve got a list of […]